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I’ll be gone all day Saturday – my flight leaves at 6am, and I return from Houston at 11pm. So, because of recent weird spam that’s made it’s way through, I’m closing all comments for the day. Ciao, y’all!

An article in Crisis (pdf format – but good for getting the visuals, which are important here. Obviously) It’s very interesting, if you’ve never explored the why’s, what’s and how’s of chant in a serious way before. (like me). Good […]

I had heard this was coming, but Ted Olsen at Christianity Today takes a close look at this weekend’s NYTimes Magazine covers tory on people opposed to contraception. Shorto is right that religious conservative Protestants have been increasingly critical about […]

The Word from Rome, that is. Different views of Christian and Islam (including notes on a statement by Bishop Wenski of Orlando on the matter), the China problem, and various other conferences and confabs.

Of course, that is a constant state of life for these folks. A reader notes that tomorrow’s election in California presents the latest version. He also notes this: Some of the frustration is aimed at liberal Episcopalians who say now […]

This week in Rome has been marked by celebrations of the 500th anniversary of the Swiss Guards. Fr. Guy of the "Shouts in the PIazza" blog notes the schedule: May 5: 3:30pm, in the Auditorium Conciliazione a meeting will take […]

This idiot opines at a newspaper-sponsored blog It’s official. The Catholic Church is officially calling for a boycott of The DaVinci Code – The Film.  This will ensure that Catholics will flood to it.  OK, I’m just kidding.  But all […]

Clarified in the thread below and in this CNS piece: Father Conn said Navarro-Valls "simply noted that the act (of ordination without approval) objectively has this automatic penalty attached, but there always are conditions." If the bishops involved "were not […]

Terry Mattingly’s latest column was inspired by a thread on this blog. Can you find the clue? Even without the  TMatt Code, the column will interest you, because it’s about liturgical music, and that always inspires mega-comments because we’re all […]

I’ve returned to the Heart, Mind and Strength radio program lineup as a regular – Thursdays at 2 Eastern. Here’s the link to the podcast of yesterday’s – and every day’s – program.