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Via Ross at American Scene, I discover that a film based on the prescient and knowing P.D. James novel Children of Men (envisioning a world dealing with a global infertility plague) …exists and will be released this year! (Julianne Moore, […]

That’s one of the big DVC questions right now. Is it because there’s a twist they want to conceal? Is it just because they want the mystery and excitement to build? Or is it because it’s no so great? Hmmmm. […]

Excommunication: The Vatican on Thursday excommunicated two bishops ordained by China’s state-controlled church without the pope’s consent, escalating tensions as the two sides explored preliminary moves toward improving ties. The Vatican also excommunicated the two bishops who ordained them, citing […]

Gashwin Gomes takes a look at an article in the Chronicle of Higher Education examining new views of gnosticism; namely the conviction among some that "gnosticism" as a category should be abandoned. (I assume these scholarly advocates are only speaking […]

Here’s the English: According to the information received, bishops and priests have been subjected to – on the part of external entities to the Church – strong pressures and to threats, so that they would take part in the episcopal […]

At The Corner, KLo cites a WSJ article on a recent Harris Poll on abortion. Here’s the link (the WSJ is free to non-subscribers for the next few days) – get a load of the questions. What a textbook example […]

…at Condoleeza Rice being chosen as Commencement speaker..Dom has links and discussion. American Papist has full texts of various letters of protest that have been written.

From Magister today, an article by an Egyptian Jesuit: Benedict XVI admires in Islam the certainty based on faith, which contrasts with the West where everything is relativized; and he admires in Islam the sense of the sacred, which instead […]

…for the crew at Ave Maria Radio, via Mark Shea As of late Tuesday afternoon, Nick Thomm of Ave Maria Radio has been moved to a regular semi-private room following a stay in the ICU while initially recovering from brain […]

To then Chinese ordinations. (It’s in Italian, will post link to English as soon as it appears.) Via Zadok, who links to a Reuters story that summarizes the statement "The Holy Father learned the news with deep displeasure," the Vatican […]