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The WaPo did a feature on Rod Dreher and his family, and via that piece and Rod’s blog, it is revealed that the Drehers are seriously contemplating a move to Orthodoxy. I’ve been in conversation with Rod about this myself […]

One more talk report…today was the National Conference for Catechetical Leadership – a workshop that was a last-minute addition (was originally scheduled to be a "publishers’ showcase," but then they decided they wanted me to do a workshop). It was […]

From 8th grade daughter: "All my friends want to go see it…" (Not, please note, uttered in a "why can’t I?" but just as a matter of fact.) Get ready…

Second in two days. AsiaNews: According to AsiaNews sources, the Vatican made a final attempt to stop the ordination by sending a personal message to Father Liu asking him to not submit himself to the ordination.  This is the second […]

Back from Chicago – comments are open and book sales may flourish!

Barb Nicolosi in Christianity Today – it’s based on something she wrote on her blog, that we’ve discussed here before, but here it is in convenient, easy-to-forward form.

Dave Hartline of the Catholic Report inteviews Bishop Carlson of Saginaw: Dave Hartline      Bishop you have just returned from the Vatican.  I understand you met with Pope Benedict.  This was not on your schedule was it? Bishop Carlson    […]