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Hey folks, I’m in Chicago all day, so comments are shut down until this evening  – those of you who experienced the massive comment spam attack yesterday will understand. (It wasn’t even just on the two posts on the current […]


So Business Week characterizes the new direction of the Vatican website Now Sister Judith is creating a second Vatican Web site, set for launch in the fall, that is aimed at bringing together the faithful so they can interact. Think […]

But Catholic Match has published some thoughts of mine on their site..

New Catacombs: (Well, not "new," but…) Archaeologists repairing a Roman catacomb have discovered an unusual network of underground burial chambers containing the elegantly dressed corpses of more than 1,000 people, a Rome official said. The rooms appear to date back […]

….to be left in the comments here. Constantine was the first astronaut, also, although the U.S. government has been suppressing the evidence Neil Armstrong found proving the emperor went to the moon in 322. After enjoying a picnic lunch in […]

From a reader: Our Catholic University in the Jesuit Tradition, Creighton, is located in Omaha. Two theology professors (Michael Lawler – retiring chair and Todd Salzman – incoming chair) recently published a paper in the Heythrop Journal positing that homosexual […]

With all due respect Amy, one only has to research history realistically to realize that the Catholic religion, (of which I was born into) is founded on greed, murder, hypocrisy, and generally trumped up to suit a few self-serving kings […]

Just a note – I will not be able to do a PO run tomorrow, since I will be in Chicago all day, returning here around 4:30. So if you would like to order books that will arrive by the […]

A snapshot of this year’s class of newly ordained priests: (This is from the USCCB, but the numbers seem to be the result of two self-selected research surveys, one from seminarians and one from diocesan and religious order vocation directors. […]