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Love us or hate us Katliks? There’s been conversation of late at Baylor University about what – if anything – the university can gain from interacting from Roman Catholics and from the experience of Catholic universities like Notre Dame. (Larger […]

From Jen Ambrose, in today’s South China News: Unfortunately, it is available to subscribers only, but I thought you might appreciate the article, kind of a heads up to something that might be carried later by website.  Accompanying the […]

Notes from all over: Cosmos-Liturgy-Sex has a new series: What is it about Sacraments that so many find difficult to accept? There are many issues I suppose. Some who come from a Sola Scriptura tradition don’t see them sufficiently expounded […]

Pope Benedict begins the month of May by visiting a Marian shrine: The Pope’s one-hour visit to the shrine on the first day of May launched what is considered the month of Mary in the Church. He led the recitation […]

Exposes the Priory of Sion fraud on 60 Minutes (Not that it’s very challenging…) Like Plantard, de Cherisey is now dead. So where are those parchments today? French writer Jean-Luc Chaumeil, who knew both men well and inherited many of […]

…or at least visit frequently. I will be heading out in about an hour, so if you’d like something shipped today(that doesn’t require MAD’s signature, ’cause he’s not home right now)…let me know!

The Man with the Black Hat went to Mass and reports: Today, for the first time since 1970, the form of the Roman Mass identified as "Tridentine"* was licitly and publicly celebrated in the Diocese of Arlington, at Saint Lawrence […]

Back to my home turf! Well, not exactly – we lived in Lubbock for a couple of years in the early 60’s, my father is a born-and-bred Texan, and he and my mother met there, but Houston- where I’m headed […]

A priest-expert on the occult testifies: A Roman Catholic priest knowledgeable about rituals took the murder trial of the Rev. Gerald Robinson into the realm of the occult today. In chilling testimony, the Rev. Jeffrey Grob of the Chicago archdiocese […]

The Web Elves have many links on this case, because St. Luke’s is an Episcopal hospital Startling (or not) point that the head of the Bioethics Committee at the hospital is an abortionist. Got it.