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Chinese Patriotic Association to ordain bishop without consulting with Holy See Not new, of course, but flies in the face of recent movements and expectations The Chinese Patriotic Association is about to explode a huge diplomatic bomb, that risks jeopardizing […]

This weekend: Saturday evening 6:30-8:30 at St. Monica’s in Kalamazoo Sunday at 2, St. Thomas the Apostle in Ann Arbor drive fast…. Sunday at 5-6:15, St. Thomas Aquinas, East Lansing. Yes, all on DVC. We will all be there, and […]

John Miller was kind enough to link me from The Corner, and asked in a note about DVC parodies. There have been several (although not nearly enough) – do an Amazon search for "Da Vinci Code" and "spoof" or "parody" […]

’cause it’s so long. And then read and read and read some more… Christianity Today’s link-packed edition. Overflowing with religious goodness…and badness, in some cases.

Jody Bottum on the Andrea Clark case: The conservative pro-lifers moved this story, through the network and quick responses put in place by the death of Terri Schiavo. But the appeal for Andrea Clark originally appeared on a left-wing website, […] Ramesh Ponnuru. I have wondered if the title of Ponnuru’s book might be a mistake of sorts, even though the broader point is clear once you start reading the book. Party of Death, although it does mean something broader […]

Noted elsewhere earlier, a few days ago, Fr. Paul Mankowski, SJ, published an article at Catholic World News in which…well, let’s allow Michael Liccione at Pontifications to summarize here: A few days ago, Fr. Paul Mankowski, SJ, of the Pontifical […]

The Houston woman whose ventilator a Houston hospital sought to remove is being moved to Chicago Wesley Smith on the case in yesterday’s NRO Illustrating the level of hardball some hospitals play against patients and families, the Clarke family’s lawyer […]

Magister gives his interpretation of the reactions to Cardinal Martini’s interview: At a Vatican accustomed to the crystal-clear preaching of pope Joseph Ratzinger, with the truth of heavenly and earthly things carved out neatly each time with a fine chisel, […]

John Allen A bit more on condoms and double-effect: Johnstone believes the case of married couples where one partner has AIDS is a classic example. The couple does not intend to prevent pregnancy, he said, merely to block the disease, […]