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John Allen’s Word from Rome is posted Much about Holy Week: Asked endlessly during the same arc of time to comment for the global press on who the pope is and what he’s doing, I was sometimes tempted to respond, […]

You turn on Catholic radio and hear the host of the show that’s on is reading a very loooooong passage from one of your books. Last chapter of De-coding, in fact. And all you can think is, "Boy, I need […]

Here’s her Da Vinci Code rant, posted in one convenient place: As I said, I was one of the folks in the pews recently at a DVC event at a local Evangelical church. The funniest part of the night (and […]

Fr. Wauck, an Opus Dei priest in Rome, was walking about, and saw something startling. I’m thinking…I suppose this is via the company doing the restoration work. I’m thinking, this took a lot of effort to do (the entire scrim […]

The Roaming Roman, that is – she’s got more Triduum Holy Week liturgy photos and comments up, as well as photos of a daytrip to Loreto. And then there’s this: We spent most of our waiting time before Mass designing […]

A couple from the Orange Diocese go public with a lengthy letter of questions and , to say the least, concerns.

Faithful reader Julia was inspired by the 15th Station to send along a link to something I had no idea existed – the Precious Moments…what? Compound? located in Missouri. Highlight is a chapel – if you go to the site […]

Ramesh Ponnuru takes on The New Republic’s conventional wisdom on Roe v Wade – in the pages of TNR – which is that the fall of Roe  would be good for abortion and bad for pro-lifers. The New Republic‘s theory […]

A Guardian column looks at the coming constitutional crisis in England What is often missed out of the puzzling phenomenon of this woman’s life is her religious faith. It is what makes her devotion to duty and self-sacrifice explicable. While […]

Now, this 15th Station of the Cross – the Resurrection – isn’t brand new, although it’s being played that way in some places. Back fifteen or more years ago, it started being suggested and used. I believe it was inspired […]