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Magister reflects on one unique aspect so far: the Pope’s off-the-cuff question and answer sessions with various groups: He strongly criticizes the Vatican press office, though, for being so slow at getting these sessions out: But little or nothing of […]

Genius from Orthodixie. (But what else would you expect from someone who names their blog "Orthodixie?" )

Michael turned a corner in Rome and ran into someone he’d gone to school with 14 years ago. I stood waiting for an elevator in Atlanta and off stepped someone I taught with in Lakeland ten years ago – who […]

In his last two posts, Joseph Bottum has mused on Catholicism and literature. Yesterday, he asked the question many of us ask, daily – What happened? And yet, aesthetics is not a sufficient explanation for earlier Catholic moments. John Henry […]

Irish celebrations: A Church of Ireland minister concelebrated Mass with three Catholic priests at the Augustinian priory in Drogheda Co Louth on Sunday to mark the 90th anniversary of the 1916 Rising, write Patsy McGarry and Paul Murphy Last night […]

You land at an airport. You pull up to the gate. You sit. And sit. The pilot comes on and informs you that there’s no Flyway (the tube walkway from plane to terminal) operator. One’s been called. Fifteen minutes later, […]

Maryland Catholic Conference official remarks: In her fight against state funding for embryonic stem-cell research, Nancy Fortier, Maryland Catholic Conference associate director for the respect for life office, said she was repeatedly confronted by lawmakers who called her a liar […]

2 new episodes last night, correct? Discuss here, if you like – I’m closing the thread down below. The A & E Discussion board on the show – when I just clicked on it there were about a thousand people […]

Philippines President Arroyo makes a decision: At Easter, President, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, announced the commutation to life imprisonment of around 1,200 death sentences in the Philippines. The Catholic Church and anti-death penalty campaigners have enthusiastically hailed her decision, but there […]

Finally, Christopher Blosser’s come through with another megapost B16 roundup – no need for me to do any more work!