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So Dawn Eden titles her post about her profession of faith tonight and confirmation Saturday evening. Congratulations to Dawn and all who are making professions of faith and being initiated into the Church this weekend. If you’ve any friends or […]

The Mass at St. John Lateran is over – the homily hasn’t been posted yet, but here’s where it will be when that happens. It was just as marvelous as this morning’s – what I heard of it (I came  […]

Good news! April 22 – a Pro-Life Conference on the theme "Am I My Brother’s Keeper?"  Featuring Peter Kreeft, Janet Smith and others. April 23- (Divine Mercy Sunday) – A Eucharist Procession, a repeat of last year’s very successful event.

The Cleveland alt-paper suggests there’s an investigation in Cleveland: The U.S. Attorney’s Office is reportedly in the midst of an investigation that may involve significant improprieties. Church officials have been accused of creating off-the-book accounts — some as large as […]

Fr. Neuhaus with an overview of the day Do this in remembrance of me. And so it has been done; week by week, day by day, century by century, until we eat and drink with him in the kingdom of […]

Why wonder that he doffed his garments willingly, Who had unclothed himself of heavenly majest? Why wonder that he tied a towel round his waist, Who, for our sake as Master, assumed a servant’s place? Why wonder that he washed […]

There’s been a lot of conversation and positive remarks about the upcoming God or the Girl program on A & E, a "reality" show which follows four potential seminarians as they discern. Matt Abbot writes that despite the goofy title, […]

The text of the Pope’s homily – only in Italian so far A summary: The priest must be first and foremost a “man of prayer”; from this springs “friendship” with Christ, which allows man to act in God’s name and […]

American Enterprise Online: But a Cardinal ought not to regard himself as an ordinary political actor. Mahony ought to have thought about two other consequences of his gesture. First, by implicitly comparing the Church to those at whom the law […]

A USA Today piece on the declining number of baptisms Among Catholics, Sullins says, the rate of baptisms has fallen faster than the rate of decline in births. Baptism isn’t the only source of new members. The church’s U.S. numbers […]