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…or heads are going to explode. Of course, if he is about to do something, heads are going to explode anyway. Different heads, but still. In an excellent, detailed post, Fr. John Zuhlsdorf collects all the rumors and signs pointing […]

I’ll have a comment on this, if you folks don’t beat me to my points in your comments: Benedict the Ecumenical by Michael Sean Winters, in The New Republic. (Just one quick point: There is a veritable army of Straw […]

A new book, just released, about life at a seminary, focusing on the journeys of five men: How can we trust that as a Catholic your reportage will be objective? I wrote this book in part because I was tired […]

Pope will not write this sort-of traditional Holy Thursday letter to priests this year. Father Ciro Benedettini, assistant director of the Vatican press office, said April 6 that no papal letter would be released this year. He did not say […]

Jesuit Fr. Gerald O’Collins: Father O’Collins said the most important thing about the text released in early April is that "it shows just how right Irenaeus was in saying the gnostics were against mainstream Christianity and Judaism, they were against […]

Okay, this one: An odd article about Cliff Richard’s life changes, which include selling his home, possibly moving abroad, and an RC priest: There may, though, be more to the decision than a bout of cost-cutting. The life of Sir […]

A local celebration More than 10,000 Vietnamese youth participated in an event held yesterday for World Youth Day at the Catholic cultural centre by the pastoral committee for youth of the archdiocese of Ho Chi Minh City. As proposed by […]

When everything is so confusing and no one really explains things to you the way you need to hear them: So, Joseph comes up to me today, not unhappily, but just a touch worried. "How am I going to know […]

This past week and weekend, an Australian delegation was in Rome to receive the World Youth Day cross from the Cologne contingent, and receive the Pope’s blessing and listen to his encouraging words as they embark on a very busy […]