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Good catch from American Papist here. First, he noted a few days agoArchbishop Michael Fitzgerald’s indirect critique of Pope Benedict’s recent curial moves which Zadok noted and explained here: It seems fairly clear what is happening. The temporary unification of […]

On the way over here (Columbia, SC) , I read The Lost Painting: The Quest for a Caravaggio Masterpiece, lent to me by my dad as we passed through Knoxville this afternoon. It’s an easy read, good for library rats […]

Emily and Annie of After Abortion have started another blog –  Abortion Pundit, which is focused on abortion-related news. By doing so, they are hoping to maintain and clarify the purpose of After Abortion – to be a resource for […]

Now, EWTN’s Rome correspondent Joan Lewis has a weekly online column.

At First Things, Jody Bottum previews an article in the latest issue: A decade ago—after the fall of the Communist regimes in eastern Europe—John Paul II promised help for Albania’s recovery, and in his FIRST THINGS article, Schwartz sharply castigates […]

From Andrew Sullivan: At one end, high birth rates are an indication of social collapse and desperation: people are having kids in order to maximize their survival chances. Maybe there is some spiritual benefit to living in such dire need, […]