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None of you told me that in the last episode of Lost, Sawyer was reading….Lancelot by Walker Percy. No, I had to go read this synopsis to find that out!

Fascinating. Lancelot is the story – well, actually the confession – of a man who had murdered his wife by burning down their house. Like any synopsis that fails to do the book justice. It’s difficult and at times repulsive. But, as I have written before, one’s response to the whole book shifts on its axis with the last couple of lines – the last word spoken by the priest who is listening to Lancelot.

Quite frankly, it’s another meditation on living life without transcendence and absolutes (unless you count ego and selfishness as absolutes.)

Are you there God? …Everything is Permissible….and now, to mull over…

One of us is wrong. It will be your way or it will be my way.


All we can agree on is that it will not be their way. Out there.


There is no other way than yours or mine, true?


Is there anything you wish to tell me before you leave?


Fade to black.

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