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Catholic Church in Scotland throws down the gauntlet in the wake of a court decision for a teacher sacked for being non-RC

McGrath estimated the current proportion of RC primary school teachers who were actively practising as "90, 95, 98%. It’s a highly significant proportion."

He revealed that some non-RC teachers had been appointed by councils without the Church’s blessing. None will be sacked, he insisted, but the process which employed them will not now be tolerated.

McGrath added: "Some have not been approved and didn’t apply for approval and weren’t advised that they needed approval. Those teachers will remain in post – there is no wish to be retrospective."

But asked whether the recent ruling had now thrown the spotlight on that minority, he replied: "McNab has done that. It has proved that if councils have veered from legal procedures then they can be challenged and we will certainly be reminding them of their legal obligations."

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