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But before I do…let me bring this one, single article to your attention – from New Hampshire. Now, one of the echoes from the audit is that most of the charges are "decades" old, and that is obviously true. That […]

A new book by one of the co-authors of Holy Blood, Holy Grail is being released today, coincidentally (not?) on the heels of the mass paperback version of DVC. Here’s an LATimes review, and I really want to know what […]

The unnuanced black-and-white oversimplifications of the Compendium. Go figure.

The conversation about Damon Linker’s Neuhaus article continues over at the American Scene, with good exchanges between Linker and Alan Jacobs, as well as quite trenchant points from Ross Douthat: Which is why Linker, in order to read Neuhaus out […]

Terri Schiavo died, after being denied food and water for 13 days. Blogs for Terri is still up and running and offering information and analysis. Prolife Blogs has many of the same posts, but more on other issues as well. […]

They’re starting to mount up again, a sign of rising interest. After a lull of a year or so, I’m beginning to get mail like this every day now, this one from someone named Damien Gold. Da Vinci was not […]

…but heresy as well. The international uproar over the case of Abdul Rahman, the Afghan convert to Christianity charged with apostasy, has drawn attention away from a far more common and nefarious practice infecting religious practice in Islam: the accusation […]

Rahman thanks Pope The pope had appealed to Afghan President Hamid Karzai, and the United Nations sought a country to take him in after Muslim clerics in Afghanistan threatened his life, saying his conversion was a "betrayal to Islam." Benedict […]