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Many of you have heard of Antoinette Bosco, longtime columnist for the Catholic press. In 1993, her son and daughter-in-law were brutally murdered in their sleep. Recently, Dr. Bosco spoke at St. John’s University about her opposition to the death […]

They need you to paint a mural at SF city hall: "It is an insult to all San Franciscans when a foreign country, like the Vatican, meddles with and attempts to negatively influence this great city’s existing and established customs […]

This over the transom, from a reader: PLEASE E-MAIL  Please give a briefdescription of the disobedience to the Vatican that is taking place inyour area.  This is very important .   Mr. Haldane is working on astory as you read […]

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Just got off the phone with Sheila Liaugminas, host of Relevant Radio’s "The Right Questions." We were arranging an interview (mid-April, it will be), and Sheila alerted me to the resources regarding the South Dakota abortion law that she’s got […]

According to TSO, Eric of the Daily Eudemon is feeling badly for me: When Amy says it’s “depressing,” she means it, and she’s not talking about being depressed because of the adverse effects the book is having on others (though […]

Magister’s on it, of course: He provides a text from Cardinal Ruini, correcting/clarifying Cardinal Martino’s words on teaching Islam in Italian schools. Magister also – and this is really worth a read, reprints the text of another article which surveys […]

You know, even though Garry Wills is calling him a murderous fellow who knows nothing about the "gospel of life and love" and has-been Robert Blair Kaiser fulminates in his new book, reviewed in this excerpt: But a Great Deceiver […]

A clarification from the Pontifical Council on Christian Unity "The title ‘Patriarch of the West’ was adopted in the year 642 by Pope Theodore. Thereafter it appeared only occasionally and did not have a clear meaning. It flourished in the […]

A page of news, at a site for and about Afghan Christians The State Department speaks: “While we understand the complexity of a case like this and we certainly will respect the sovereignty of the Afghan authorities and the Afghan […]