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This is from last week’s UK Tablet: But the concept of Patrick as an exclusively Catholic icon is undergoing a far more serious redefinition than any at the hands of an imaginative creative artist. The Protestant majority community in Northern […]

The long-awaited sort of final word on what parishes and schools in the Archdiocese in NY should be shut down: The southern part of the archdiocese — the Bronx, Staten Island and Manhattan, as well as Yonkers and central Westchester […]

Our new translating friend sent this along as well: her translation of a recent post of Sandro Magister’s at his blog (which I repeatedly complain should be provided in English as well…I mean…a few paragraphs every other day or […]

The post on a Benedict-focused discussion forum is a translation of an article that is the journal 30 Days It’s an interview with someone who knew him when, beginning in seminary: Did the Ratzinger brothers distinguish themselves in any way? […]

Jay Anderson has an excellent post up, with links and background. He also evidently has a baby on the way..God bless! The Confessio of St. Patrick The Catholic Culture page on the saint. And then…on the Corned Beef Indult 2006? […]

After a week of recovery, interrupted by a rather tiring, extremely nerve-wracking trip (I never told you about that – the flight from Erie to Cleveland. First time I’ve ever stood at the door to a plane and thought…hmmm. I […]

Jeffrey Overstreet has been singing the praises of this film for a few weeks now – the true story of a young Christian woman’s resistance to Nazi ideology and her martyrdom at their hands. Christianity Today has a round up […]

In NRO, Nina Shea on today’s hearing on the State Department’s annual report on human rights around the world: Nor do the reports gloss over an increasingly violent and chaotic situation in Iraq. Here is just one of the many […]

Here’s a really good, interesting article on native Irish priests serving in the Tucson diocese: Some 40 priests from the Carlow seminary came to Tucson. Another Carlow alum, Monsignor Thomas Cahalane, now 68 and pastor of Our Mother of Sorrows, […]

In El Paso…they have Religious leaders around the nation and in El Paso are taking a political lead in fighting what they see as a punitive and unfair approach to immigration reform. Looking at the possibility that their church could […]