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A NYTimes Magazine piece on Wrongful Birth lawsuits, and the whole issue of genetic testing and its consequences One gets quesy reading articles like this – quesy from the lurching and evasion, violent motion which Dramamine can’t cure. An unborn […]

Catholic Dems reprimanded: Top U.S. Roman Catholic leaders told Democratic lawmakers yesterday that there is no wiggle room in church teaching on abortion and that they are duty-bound to work against "the destruction of unborn human life." The statement by […]

Here, a few days late (still cleaning out my inbox) is a piece from the Guardian by Madeleine Bunting The point is that parenthood is against the grain of all the aspirations of our culture. Go back to the point […]

Noami Wolf in the NYTimes on three incredibly popular YA series.  The "Gossip Girl" "A-List" and "Clique" series, almost all of which feature status-mad adolescent girls immersed in materialistic, superficial concerns, having lotsa sex on the way. Wolf is disturbed […]

From Katie’s camera: (Actually the last one is from the Angelus. The first Sunday we were there, since she probably used up all of her disposable camera shots by Monday at around 9:37 AM)

Zadok has thoughts and explains some things. Very helpful. Dom has more

Then there was the day we visited the Basilica of Santa Maria Sopra Minerva. This was important because, not only is it gorgeous, but most of the body of St. Catherine is there. (The exception being her head, which is […]

The Catholic Hierarchy blog has them – I have no sense of what they mean, but there they are.