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All you need for an explanation is this photo: Yes, that is how Joseph made his way around the Eternal City. Eternally Goofy. While the baby vainly tries to indicate his presence… Photo courtesy of Blogger Gashwin. The photo was […]

Michael has started blogging about the trip – starting with his early-morning visits to St. Peter’s Then I encountered an image from the past. Priests vested in green, all with their backs to me at the many side altars were […]

Todd at Catholic Sensibility reports on what Bishop Finn of his diocese (KC) has to say about dry holy water fonts during Lent. In short: Don’t.

It’s actually the kind of gig I like – back and forth within 24 hours. Very nice talk at Alleghenny College last night – many thanks to Fr. Mark Hoffman, who invited and hosted me. I’d say there were around […]