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with the day’s events over at After Abortion. They are liveblogging and posting up a storm.

Speaking of storms, here’s a column by Chris Weinkopf in the LA Daily News about the makers of the film A Distant Thunder, about which we’ve blogged here a while back:

When Northridge residents Deborah and Jonathan Flora join the March for Life in Washington, D.C., on Monday, they won’t be carrying the usual signs or banners, but a burden – and a film.

The burden is the agony, guilt and regret that still plague Jonathan nearly three decades after he helped procure an abortion for a girlfriend during his freshman year in college. To this day, he’s haunted by "the idea that I could have a 26-year-old son or daughter, especially when I look at those statistics that one in four people in that age group aren’t here."

And from that burden springs the film.

The Floras understand that if you want to change the culture, you need to engage it. So the couple put their talents – he’s a producer for Disney’s Buena Vista Home Entertainment, she’s an actress and former Miss Colorado – to work, creating an independent movie that raises chilling and provocative questions about our society and our attitudes toward unborn children. The movie is being screened for activists and politicians alike in Washington this weekend, and it’s generating profound results across the nation.

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