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Questions continue to crop up about Harry Forbes, one of the film reviewers employed by the USCCB. First came the Brokeback Mountain affair, the final act of which – a heavily redacted review – is summarized by Jimmy Akin, here. (And just a reminder…Victor Morton, Rod Dreher, and Steven Greydanus have all written at length about this film.)

Next up is Woody Allen’s new film, Match Point, of which Christian critic Jeffry Overstreet writes:

I don’t expect much from Woody Allen anymore except amoral depictions of infidelity. He seems to have resolved to laugh off the idea of sin and consequences. In fact, Match Point is the darkest, most amoral film of his career, basically laughing at anyone who values their conscience.

Overstreet goes on to take apart Forbes’ review of Match Point, finishing up by asking the question:

So, is it now the perspective of the U.S. Council of Catholic Bishops that a movie’s perspective — whether moral or nihilistic — is something worth noting, but really not all that important? If a film that tells us there is no God, that if we should take a gamble and seize all the pleasure we can grab… should we go around recommending this title to our friends and neighbors?

Again, bishops: Greydanus and Morton. Tag Team. You could not do better. Trust us.

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