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Mollie at Get Religion has a post about the incredibly gruesome film Hostel, comparing the hew and cry by some cultural conservatives against Brokeback Mountain and the silence regarding this film. Hostel was #1 its first weekend of release, but […]

Still the most mystifying Supreme Court decision last year, by far. Well, maybe not mystifying, but…something. The Anchoress has a great post on a news item about a land grab that includes a church or two, leading her to reflect […]

I’ve finally updated my list of speaking gigs down there on the right. I cannot take any more this spring, with two exceptions: 1)Within a 1-hour drive of Fort Wayne 2) If, by any chance, you missed my call a […]

Sr. Patricia Proctor, OSC, is seeking personal stories for her forthcoming book, 101 Inspirational Stories of the Sacrament of Reconciliation. She’d like to hear from you – and I know you can help her out! Here’s a link where you […]

A short piece in Publishers’ Weekly that mentions the series, along with a new novel Loyola is publishing in the fall. The challenges of finding the right buyer and use for Stanbrook Abbey, the monastery on which In This House […]

You might recall Jody Bottum’s Weekly Standard piece of a few days ago, suggesting that the relative political weakness of the Catholic hierarchy in the U.S. is balanced out by a paradigm for thinking through public policy questions that owes […]

Daniel Pipes on Benedict and Islam: He’s commenting on Fr. Fessio’s recent interview with Hugh Hewitt in which Fessio reported on a discussion in which the Pope said that Islam is inherently incapable of adaptation because of its understanding of […]

First, all this "God is Love" stuff. Now this: Godspell? What’s next? He’s gonna have a slide show for the Stations of the Cross on Good Friday? No, wait…that was 1979. I’m just sayin’….

Pope dishes on his encyclical: Pope Benedict XVI (bio – news) today ended speculation about the publication date for his first encyclical, Deus Caritas Est, by announcing at his regular weekly public audience that the document will be released on […]

Some pro-lifers are pleased with the Senator: Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Arlen Specter, one of the Republican Party’s most outspoken pro-choice members, has become an unlikely hero among conservatives opposed to abortion for his handling of President Bush’s judicial nominations. […]