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Christopher Blosser has some suggestions if you’d like to start reading Aquinas

More hints: In explaining his views on love and sex in the encyclical, the Pope quotes from biblical writings, encyclicals written by his predecessors and the works of philosophers such as the 17th century French thinker René Descartes. He wrote […]

Sisters in Mother McKillop’s order celebrate: IN Mount St, North Sydney, last Friday, at the headquarters of the Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart – the order formed by Mary McKillop in 1866 and otherwise known from the […]

Matthew Lickona reviews The Book of Daniel, over at Godspy That’s where I stumbled. Who needs redemption in the world of this show? There’s plenty of unhappiness and stress and even some crime, but who needs anything more than good […]

A very, very helpful post over at Cosmos-Liturgy-Sex about that new embryonic material transfer technique that’s supposed to sort of mimic cloning without actually creating a new person. The proponents of this methods, which Desmond refers to as the Pro-Life […]

Muslims want a Catholic school in Scotland to teach Islam. Why, you ask? Get this: AN ISLAMIC campaign group has called for a Catholic primary school to be based on the Muslim faith. The Campaign for Muslim Schools said 90 […]

I’m absolutely done blogging reports on theological shifts that come out of the secular press. I hardly ever go for those stories anyway because of the "the press doesn’t get religion" factor, but recently, it’s become almost comical.  The Limbo […]

A piece in an Italian paper on Fr. Ratzinger: He noted the difference between old eating habits and those he has become accustomed to in the Apostolic Palace, where two of his brother’s personal secretaries, a room servant and several […]

Church groups must pay for contraceptives, NY court rules: A New York law passed in 2002 requires employers’ insurance plans to cover prescription contraceptives. "Religious employers" are exempt—but it’s the law’s definition of a religious employer that’s the trouble. The […]

Fr. Robert Nugent, controversial co-founder of the New Ways Ministry, along with Sister Jeanne Gramick, has penned an op-ed on a different issue: human trafficking: They call it trafficking, although it has nothing to do with cars. The correct name […]