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Conversation snippet that tempted me stop and dawdle over the detergent, except that I had somewhere to be and two little ones on the edge of meltdown (well, one…Michael the Baby was just on the edge of falling out of […]

Agca credits Vatican Agca will be set free on parole by Turkish prison officials on Thursday, January 12. He has been serving out an earlier jail sentence in Turkey since being pardoned by Italian President Carlo Azeglio Ciampi in 2000. […]

John Thavis of CNS on Benedict’s ad libbing: When the pope presided over a Mass in the Sistine Chapel to baptize 10 infants in early January, he was supposed to deliver a sermon presumably prepared by his staff. The text, […]

A bit more speculation on the timing and process of the release Asca mentiones that in any case, the Encyclica will be made public before January 25, and on that day, the Pauline magazine "Famigli Cristiana" will publish the entire […]

A lengthy, and I believe, fair-minded piece in Commonweal on the controversies surrounding the return of Jewish children sheltered by Catholics during World War II. The writer seeks to put the document that surfaced last year – an advisory document […]

Via First Things, a list of last year’s engagments, for the doubters.

We’ve been following this for a while…the initial dissatisfaction with the assignment of Bishop Braxton to this diocese to replace now-Archbishop Gregory, the growing complaints about style and substance. It’s all been rather confusing, although this new piece from the […]

The Roaming Roman went there after Christmas and loved it – scroll down for lots of photos. A vague piece about a "Vaitcan" directive imposing discipline on some Polish priests who, it seems, are doing their own thing…

A few weeks back, several people sent me links to a story about a purportedly new rage among Quebecois, of eating unconsecrated hosts as snacks. I never blogged it because …well, my instincts told me not to bother. Blogging Canadian […]

Fr. Rob Johansen had questions about a Biography Channel special on Terri Schindler Schiavo that aired last night (post was written before airing, and based on concerns raised by Terri’s parents) My suspicion regarding this is reinforced by this salient […]