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As noted below, the Bishops are working in their language groups – 12 – coming up with material for the final documents. (Remember one will be public and one will be private, Pope’s Eyes Only)

John Allen reports on the discussions

At least four of the small language groups in the Synod of Bishops have voted in favor of propositions calling for further study of the viri probati, meaning the ordination of tested married men as priests, according to sources who spoke to NCR Oct. 17.

Sources told NCR that propositions calling for further consideration of the viri probati, in one way or another, came from two of the three English groups, one of the three French groups, and the German group.

On the other hand, at least one group adopted a proposition against the viri probati.


Finally, sources told NCR that “three or four” groups passed draft propositions seconding calls made on the synod floor for practical help for homilists, including the idea of a new “manual” for homilists to be prepared by the Vatican that would provide draft homilies keyed to the scripture readings and the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Some bishops, however, have expressed reservations about the idea, wondering if instead of encouraging homilists to be creative and responsive to the pastoral realities of their communities, such a manual would simply be seen as a “crutch.” Others argue that if the primary purpose of the homily is to “break open” the Word of God, then a manual coordinated not just to scripture but to the Catechism may be counter-productive.

Word. Please. It can’t be any worse than it is. For the most part, the main way that homilists are "responsive to the pastoral realities" in this neck of the woods involve the realities of the parish budget or the realities of their need for affirmation. Next, can we re-instate the license to preach?

Oh, and for good’s a good place to find some.

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