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…that no one will give a straight answer to. Well, no one on a certain side of this issue. In regard to that WaPo piece, Andrew Sullivan asks of abortion: But it is always wrong. How can it not be? […]

Sounds like some people around here: There are voices in the Russian Orthodox Church, calling for a review of the modern concept of human rights. "Orthodox Christianity does not share ‘the Enlightenment’s’ teaching on man as a being who, in […]

Feds will help with schools, but not churches: The federal government will help rebuild parochial schools, nursing homes and similar religious institutions but will not pay for reconstruction of churches or other houses of worship destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, administration […]

In today’s WSJ: With a single stroke–the nomination of Harriet Miers–the president has damaged the prospects for reform of a left-leaning and imperialistic Supreme Court, taken the heart out of a rising generation of constitutional scholars, and widened the fissures […]

Big festival in Peru: This procession, which gathers together the largest number of believers in South America, dates back to colonial times, when a slave, brought over from Angola, drew the image of a black Christ on the walls of […]

The first day back at Cathedral Academy, the first school to reopen in the French Quarter

Church historian John Jay Hughes reviews John Allen’s book on Opus Dei – in NCR Also in NCR, a helpful, critical summary of the LA Archdiocesan document dump: What caught my eye in that latter piece was this: Bishop William […]

Irish row over proposed cathedral renovation: A Roman Catholic bishop has caused uproar in Ireland over his plans to redesign a neo-Gothic cathedral built by one of the most celebrated ecclesiastical architects. Bishop John Magee, a close friend of Pope […]

IVF embryos…not perfect. A series of groundbreaking studies has found that embryos created in fertility clinics contain far more genetic defects than previously thought, even if they are created from eggs donated by young, healthy women. The discovery, which has […]

Today from the Vatican Press Office: More on the pelican: At the opening of the Eighteenth General Congregation the Secretary General of the Synod of Bishops His Exc. Most Rev. Msg. Nikola ETEROVI? had stated that the Holy Father Benedict […]