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A piece from the WaPo, from the mother of a Down’s Syndrome child. That’s the rational pitch; here’s the emotional one. Margaret is a person and a member of our family. She has my husband’s eyes, my hair and my […]

As noted below, the Bishops are working in their language groups – 12 – coming up with material for the final documents. (Remember one will be public and one will be private, Pope’s Eyes Only) John Allen reports on the […]

Gee, it seems as if we just got here: The schedule for the Synod’s last week: On Monday, Cardinal Angelo Scola, the reporter general for the Synod, began to draft the list of recommendations to be discussed and approved. He […]

Over the past couple of weeks, there has been some discussion of the so-called "Diaper-Free" movement. Otherwise known as Elimination Communication. Diaper-Free Baby is one website dedicated to the cause. There was a Newsweek article, I believe, then a NYTimes […]

The LATimes on Jim Holman, the most interesting publisher, not just of San Diego’s alternative paper for which Matthew Lickona writes, but of several conservative Catholic monthlies, including LA Catholic Mission and San Francisco Faith. Really an interesting article. You […]

What the Pope will give the Synod Fathers. A not-subtle reminder of what their office is all about: At the beginning of the session, Archbishop Nikola Eterovic, secretary general of the Synod of Bishops, informed those present that the Holy […]

In the NYtimes In the past, conservatives had overlooked disappointments and disagreements for the sake of getting solid appointments to the Supreme Court. The president’s judicial appointments will be among his most lasting legacies. But then Mr. Bush nominated Ms. […]

Indian health minister acknowledges a problem: AsiaNews interviewed Fr Alex Vadakumthala, secretary of the Health Commission of the Bishops’ Conference, about the matter. He said: “The commitment of Catholics is sincerely appreciated by the government. The minister studied in a […]

Clayton Emmer has a link up to a podcast to a talk he heard this past weekend on ethics and art.

Not the first time we’ve heard of such a thing. Not the last, I’m sure, either. In twenty years, what will speculative fiction writers have left to write about? It’s the ultimate, death-dealing irony. Read the last line of the […]