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January 1, 1970 Archives

Rich Lenoardi’s in England! Stopped by the Houses of Parliament to listen to MPs debate a bill concerning the merits of "a rail-free mass transit vehicle" (I think to myself, "this sounds like a bus") and to visit the exhibit […]

On Matthew Scully’s defense of Harriet Miers, but just as interestingly for our purposes, on Rabbi David Dalin’s book on Pius XII: In keeping with the solemnity of the Yom Kippur holiday, though, I spent my time after services reading […]

Synod Wise So, here’s one big-picture observation: One of the most fractious liturgical debates in Catholicism over the last 40 years, at least in the West, has pivoted on the status and use of the pre-Vatican II rite of Mass. […]

Here’s an interesting post from Peter Chattaway about a new film: The Devil’s Miner began as a project about devout Catholics who also happen to worship Satan — or if not Satan himself, then something very much like him. Apparently […]

But it’s Brownback this time, so the vibe is a different one: After testing his stump speech on Tuesday night, Senator Sam Brownback rose early on Wednesday for a tour of the cavernous chapel and regimental dining hall used by […]

As described by Philly commentor Gerard E., noting this story in today’s Philadelphia paper: Though Krol is dead and Bevilacqua retired, many lesser-known administrators – "enablers" who helped craft the subterfuges or carry them out, according to the grand jury […]

From the Tablet, an interesting exploration of the design and construction of Notre Dame du Haut by Le Corbusier occasioned by the discovery that it had never actually been consecrated – a situation that was rectified this past September. More […]

A RC theologian on RC-Orthodox discussions: "New people mean new initiatives. There’s clearly been some serious rethinking, and a new sensitivity on issues which have never been settled,” said Professor Waclaw Hryniewicz, director of the Ecumenical Institute at Poland’s Catholic […]

I knew about Bishop School, but I didn’t know this: Bishops automatically receive the title of D.D. (doctor of divinity) when they are named to the episcopate.