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A few weeks ago, there was a story making the rounds about a researcher who claimed that religious values made a society worse, not better. Here’s an example of one of the articles: "Does Religion Promote Social Dysfunction?" In today’s […]

Well, my little meter over there is busted, so I guess I will waste some time and surf for another one. I am chugging right along. I have two more chapters to write, then go back and do the introduction, […]

John Allen takes stock of the Synod: A dynamic is shaping up at the Synod of Bishops in which the bishops seem, in effect, to be trying to meet their critics half-way. They’re willing to acknowledge, in unusually blunt fashion, […]

A long, interesting Christianity Today piece, that, in places, seems to crack the "evangelicals bringing Christ to, er, Catholics" template just a teeny tiny bit. By 2000, it was clear that the church boom had failed to arrive as some […]

The book is about revealing truths about history and facts and, of course, evidence. In the experience of so many throughout the world, it is so much more interesting and exciting to learn about those things that have the evidence […]

An odd tale: Ancona, October 12 – An art expert has uncovered a sculpture of Christ on the Cross he claims Salvador Dali made to thank an Italian friar who exorcised him . Armando Ginesi found the piece, measuring 60cm […]

Yesterday afternoon’s synod action involved statements from auditors – many of whom are leaders of some of the New Movements – Focolare, Neo-Catechumenate, etc.

And is very boring

From the Guardian UK A Harvard psychologist named Gordon Allport did some key research in the 1950s on various kinds of human prejudice and came up with a definition of religiosity that is still in use today. He suggested that […]