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I’m jealous

posted by awelborn

Mark Shea has a great comment from Sherry Weddell (no surprise there) regarding George Barna’s new identification of "the Revolutionaries" as Relying upon national research conducted over the past several years, Barna profiles a group of more than 20 million […]

Meanwhile in Virginia…

posted by awelborn

Faith enters the governor’s race: Kilgore, who has tried to expand the kinds of crimes that would be eligible for the death penalty, has talked about Kaine’s opposition throughout the campaign. But even Democrats were unprepared for the stark and […]

April in South Carolina?

posted by awelborn

Thanks to an enthusiastic supporter/organizer, we have a couple of talks scheduled for South Carolina for the first full week in April. Columbia and Charleston at this point.  We’d like to add a couple more – so if you would […]

One Church

posted by awelborn

From the bishop of Hong Kong There is but “one, holy, Catholic, Apostolic and Roman” Church in China at this point and we can no longer speak of two Churches, so much so that if the government were to acknowledge […]

Harry Potter, Bully?

posted by awelborn

A different sort of take on the Potter series, from the Spectator online (I’ve read the first five, but not the latest one.) Certainly, Harry has just cause for killing the Dark Lord Voldemort, his parents’ murderer. But Harry and […]

Peggy’s advice

posted by awelborn

For the White House The White House, after the Miers withdrawal/removal/disappearance, would be well advised to call in leaders of the fractious base–with heavy initial emphasis on the Washington conservative establishment–and have some long talks about the future. It’s time […]

Quote of the night

posted by awelborn

Phone rings "It’s Jesus – he wants to know what kind of car you want!" By the way, the fellow who played (plays? Surely he’ll be back) Desmond  was Jesus in that film (which I never saw) that came out […]

Teach Narnia

posted by awelborn

An interesting site with resources – in e-book form – that’s just what it says: As literature professors, we feel strongly that in the teaching of literature a disservice has been done to our youth who have not been exposed […]

Let’s Make a Deal

posted by awelborn

Synagogue for Upper Room THE Vatican is hoping to regain control of the Room of the Last Supper in Jerusalem, one of the most sacred sites in Christianity. It will, in exchange, hand over to the Jewish community the historic […]

Halfway there

posted by awelborn

Sandro Magister looks at the synod so far

Peace Prayer

posted by awelborn

Pope prays for peace in Jerusalem at General Audience


posted by awelborn

Bob Barr’s letter to the president re/Miers We know also, Mr. President, that you are possessed of an uncanny ability to look into and know men’s souls (and women’s, of course). While I am sure your many years of knowing […]

From the Synod..

posted by awelborn

This update contains many statements from the non-Catholic auditors As well as this comment from an Eastern Rite bishop from the U.S.: Finally, I wish to speak of the clergy. This seems to be lacking in the Instrumentum Laboris. They […]

Ubi Caritas

posted by awelborn

What the international Catholic relief agency is doing for earthquake victims Catholic Relief Services hasn’t forgotten Sudan, and doesn’t want us to forget either

Name Change

posted by awelborn

One of the best, smartest Catholic blogs out there has had to change its name. I regret to inform you that this site is no longer going to be called Sources Chétiennes~Renewal in Catholic Thought. Today I received this email […]

A rather interesting reader bleg

posted by awelborn

From a reader: Not sure you post this type of bleg but thought I would ask since you have such a large readership with such unusual Catholic interests. I’m in search of a copy of Rotal Anthology: An Annotated Index […]


posted by awelborn

Uninsured sue Catholic Healthcare West: Lawyers representing three uninsured Latinos filed a class-action suit Tuesday against Catholic Healthcare West hospitals, alleging price-gouging of patients without health coverage. The suit claims the San Francisco-based health care provider with 40 hospitals in […]

“Not bad for an old book”

posted by awelborn

Sayeth Jim Manney of Loyola, commenting on the debut of our latest Loyola Classics title, Morris West’s The Devil’s Advocate at #9 on the Catholic Book Publisher’s Association November best-seller’s list After I get this BLASTED MARY MAGDALENE book done, […]

How nice!

posted by awelborn

Danielle Bean, an excellent writer herself, has kind words for the Book of Days

Sophia Press needs help

posted by awelborn

Publisher John Barger’s letter

LA Story

posted by awelborn

The abuse spotlight moves back to the West Coast today, as more documents were released. The LA Times story: The newly released documents were prepared by church lawyers in connection with efforts to settle the pending cases. Known as proffers, […]


posted by awelborn

A John Allen report on the community: Talking to pilgrims here, and to ecumenical observers in other places, three aspects of Taizé seem to be the most impressive. First is the utter selflessness of the community. The brothers don’t charge […]

Vaticanisti in the house

posted by awelborn

Vaticanisti has a brief entry on the newly-confirmed US ambassador to the Vatican.

Synodal doings

posted by awelborn

John Allen’s piece from Tuesday morning answers the question some have: Exactly what is this for, anyway? (link will change later this AM) At the end of the synod, participants will produce two documents — a set of propositions that […]

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