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We were pursuing the Spring ’06 offerings from Harper SanFrancisco – a remarkably diverse line that season, with authors from Bart Ehrman to N.T.Wright and beyond. They definitely have a clear sense of their intended market: everyone. Anyway, we happened […]

Jody Bottum, editor of First Things, wants our help Actually, I’ve been fooling around with ballads and folk songs for a couple of months, now, with the vague idea that I might make my next book of poems something like […]

You know, there’s a thread down there on the Bark Mitzvah, with commentors scrapping about the proper Christian disposition to animals. I agree, that the consequence of being stewards of the earth is treating animals with compassion and care, respectful […]

NCR has added some information on the research methodology for their recent study of American Catholics. All data were collected by the Gallup Organization, using telephone interviews based on identical random digit dialing sampling methods. The sample size in 1987 […]

Nice article about the Year of the Eucharist in the Diocese of Peoria, which culminated with a Byzantine Catholic liturgy in the Cathedral About 1,100 Catholics at St. Mary’s Cathedral on Sunday had to be given instruction in how to […]

I’m making progress on the Mary Magdalene book. I’m hampered a bit today by exhaustion – we had a particularly bad night last night. Baby was extremely restless, and, as per usual, didn’t fall into a really sound sleep until […]

The latest trend for pets Rabbi Terry Bookman, of Temple Beth Am in Pinecrest, said he is all for loving and caring for pets, but a ”bark mitzvah” is crossing the line.

Bishop sues woman The bishop of the Rapid City Catholic Diocese has sued a Maryland woman for negligence because of a car crash. Blase Cupich filed his lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Rapid City against Natalie Kay Germain Smith […]

Spokane’s bankruptcy plan: The Catholic Diocese of Spokane will sell its headquarters and the home of Bishop William Skylstad to settle claims of people who contend they were sexually abused by priests, according to a plan filed in U.S. Bankruptcy […]