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An evaluation of the Pope’s intervention: "It was a beautiful speech, of great theological value, said in good, speedy Italian" said Don Constantino.

By that I mean Andrew Anonymous. By which means I hope to break my evidently foolish expectation that Andrew Sullivan will recover his senses when it comes to Catholicism. First off, I’ll let you know, that to my knowledge he […]

More Synod talk, this time with the official Word from Rome: To date, Western Europeans, especially the French and German bishops, have offered the weightiest theological reflections, focusing on questions such as the real presence of Christ, transubstantiation, and the […]

Allen on yesterday: On Thursday night, Pope Benedict XVI made his first intervention in the synod. Speaking in Italian, the pope went on for 12 minutes (well exceeding the three minutes set aside for each participant during open discussion, but […]

Yesterday afternoon’s interventions. Do go read. Much of interest, and gives you a good sense of the scope of the issues these bishops are grappling with. Why, is it asked, do all of these issues come up at this Synod […]

Brazilian bishop ends hunger strike as officials agree to discuss I didn’t read all of the comments on this below – I’m sorry,but look at my word meter – I wrote 2000 words yesterday! 2000 more today, I hope, but […]

From the Tablet: THE ANNOUNCEMENT last week that the President of Israel, Moshe Katsav, is to visit the Vatican on 17 November has been widely seen as momentous. After almost 2,000 years of enmity, this is another giant step towards […]

John Allen reports: A forthcoming Vatican document on homosexuals in seminaries will not demand an absolute ban, a senior Vatican official told NCR Oct. 7, but will insist that seminary officials exercise "prudential judgment" that gay candidates should not be […]

Sandro Magister unpacks the recent conclave leaks and hints: That the reconstructions of the conclave disseminated until now are mutually contradictory – although they all claim to draw from confidential information received from cardinals – should come as no surprise. […]

Someone below asked exactly what is this Synod I keep posting about and what is it supposed to do. In The Tablet, a primer: Is the synod deliberative or consultative?This is the twenty-first time the Synod of Bishops has met […]