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Alabama youth ministry features goldfish swallowing The First Assembly of God Church has a Fear Factor ministry that had youths swallowing live goldfish — if they were up to it. The church’s youth minister says it teaches children about fear, […]

Posted here. Interesting stuff, including, I think, this rather insightful comment by a French bishop: Eucharistic Adoration is notably mentioned in numbers 41, 66, 67 and 75.We can see that, in our countries, Eucharistic Adoration is very taken by the […]

…is the dishonesty. The woman from Dignity who was on the show went through their talking points, which were breathtaking: That the Church has ALWAYS ordained gay men, that there are gay men – no, that’s not what she said. […]

Lengthy interview on the subject with an Orthodox Metropolitan So, in your opinion what is a realistic common ground for common answers to such open questions?     ZIZIOULAS: For the future development of dialogue on this issue, it is of […]

Opus Dei bishop critiques big monstrous Masses. Via Rocco

…in a few minutes (1 Eastern, to be precise,) I’m going to be a guest on this show out of a public radio station in San Francisco. I think you can listen online. I was initially told that the topic […]

John Allen’s report today: An area of clash came in discussion of the Eucharist as sacrifice, and the need to balance between the horizontal and vertical dimensions of the Mass. In the open session Wednesday night, Cardinal George Pell of […]

There is apparently trouble at Ave Maria Law School. Here is a blog about it. Being that lawyers are involved, it also contains posts about Miers, etc. But what is going on at the law school is disheartening, beginning, it […]

Caution on Turkey and the EU from the Curia: Speaking to the Italian daily La Repubblica, the President of the Pontifical Council for Culture, Cardinal Paul Poupard, said a resolution addressing the lack of religious freedom and the discrimination against […]

From The American Conservative (which is Pat Buchanan’s mag, is it not?) an article on the Purest Neocon – Christopher Hitchens. Of interest – his views on religion. Which we all know, but anyway: As both the Hari and Didcock […]