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In a Coptic monastery, the distant past is very close at hand: The Rev. Maximous Elantony was one of those men drawn to the desert in search of a relationship with God. But he could hardly believe it when he […]

An odd attack in Decatur, Alabama – during Mass A page from the church’s website about their new icon Some wonder if this article, in Saturday’s Decatur paper, inspired the attack. The attackers look mighty jovial in those mug shots…

A bit on the discussion at the synod today Monsignor Pierre Antoine Paulo, bishop of Haiti, said that "under certain conditions" the Catholic Church allowed communion to be taken by people who were technically in a state of sin. "We […]

Prior to this year, in the course of your legal career have you ever been involved in any Supreme Court litigation? Have you ever been consulted about such litigation? Has it ever occurred to anyone to consult you about it? […]

…Coming next week to Biola University – a gathering of Christian bloggers. From one of the organizers: Recently, Hugh Hewitt scholarshipped 20 Biola students’ registrations for the upcoming GodBlogConference. The Torrey Honors Institute would like to respond in kind by […]

First Catholic school reopens in New Orleans…first school, actually, since the public schools are still closed. Mass at St. Louis Cathedral: As residents, politicians, the military and others who have worked to save New Orleans listened and prayed during the […]

…in Australia SIGN in English and Vietnamese outside St John the Evangelist Catholic Church in East Melbourne lists times for Mass (gio le) on weekdays (ngay trong tuan) and weekends (cuoituan). The first words from the Gospel of St John […]

The Church and politics in Italy For four decades after the end of WWII, the Catholic Church wielded power in Italy through the Christian Democrats, so thorougly discredited by corruption scandals that the party was dissolved in the early 1990s […]

From the Vatican Information Service: VATICAN CITY, OCT 3, 2005 (VIS) – This morning in the Synod Hall, the first General Congregation of the Eleventh Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops was held. The meeting was presided by […]

You might want to check out the World Magazine Blog – it’s looking at the nominee from the perspective of her faith (former Catholic) and relationship to her church Immaterial, but interesting.