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M. Scott Peck passes away The Road Less Traveled sold 6 million copies and, I think, was important in bringing some realism about human weakness and suffering back into the popular consciousness. The People of the Lie did the same […]

I’m sure it’s been done. I’d like to read something on this that’s truly objective: The impact of the Reformation on the status of European women.   I’m reading through some materials on the reformers and Mary Magdalene, and encountering not […]

In case you’ve been interested in the Philadelphia story, but intimidated by the length of the report, the good people at the Bishop Accountability site have done us all a service by posting an easier to read copy online . […]

Cardinal George permanently removes 11 from ministry In the final resolution of cases that made headlines at the height of the Catholic Church’s sex abuse scandal, Cardinal Francis George has permanently removed 11 priests from public ministry because of sexual […]

-UT team busses stop, for some reason, in the midst of parking lots where LSU students have congregated. Students converge, start rocking busses, throwing beer bottles at them,  break windows, including 4 on the bus holding the AD. Good move. […]

Allen updates his piece with an interview with Kueng It’s clear that we have different positions," Küng told NCR in a telephone interview from his home in Tübingen, Germany. "But the things we have in common are more fundamental. We […]

Amy Sullivan takes abortion activists to task for their influence on the Dems But the final straw came when Senate Democrats acted on this advice and recruited pro-life Democrat Bob Casey to run against Rick Santorum for Pennsylvania’s Senate seat […]

Vietnamese gov’t loosens seminary regulations – will allow new students every year, instead of every two years New pressures on Catholics in one Chinese province: While there are signs of improvement in ties between the Vatican and Bejing, the Hebei […]

Christian leaders cause shock and dismay The head of the Roman Catholic Church in England and Wales, Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor, and Church of England bishop Reverend Tom Butler have both suggested that Muslim faith schools may be inappropriate for Christian […]