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…about a document that hasn’t been released yet that no reporter has read. But the stories and reactions are coming in anyway, so here are your links. Father Fessio comments: Fessio said that if the document did not contain a […]

From a reader: I graduated from Dartmouth.  I love the place.  I see its flaws.  I think it needs Christ.  Yet the approach taken by the Student Assembly president in his convocation speech (see below) seems VERY misguided to me.  […]

Argentinian cardinal came in second on conclave ballot? Via Papabile

I can’t catch up on all the news swirling about the last day or so, but will just post a few items and thoughts. Last night, I had the pleasure of speaking to the Columbus chapter of Legatus. Nice group, […]

I was under the mistaken impression that Typepad was out because I couldn’t log on. Then I went upstairs and tried on the other computer…voila. So then I rebooted down here and..voila again. So, now to do one more task, […]