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I’m taken aback by how quickly it’s grown. Astonishing – after watching Ophelia meander for days, within 48 hours we’ve got a Cat5? Too much…Pray that everyone can get out of her way…

A grand jury has been investigating the Archdiocese of Philadelphia on abuse issues for three years. They’ve issued the report. The grand jury, which investigated the archdiocese for more than three years, concluded that at least 63 priests – and […]

Two recent posts and links at After Abortion about a couple of articles in the Milwaukee paper yesterday about post-abortive regret and ministries

At today’s General Audience Let the children come to me… The story: During his weekly public audience on Wednesday, September 21, Pope Benedict XVI (bio – news) praised athletic competition, saying that sports can be "an educational instrument and a […]

A couple of days ago, a prosecuter for the UN international war crime tribunal accused the Vatican of being less than helpful Mrs del Ponte survived a Mafia assassination attempt during her career as a Swiss federal prosecutor. She now […]

Tucson diocese emerges from bankruptcy: The Roman Catholic Diocese of Tucson officially emerged from bankruptcy Tuesday, exactly a year after sex-abuse lawsuits drove it to seek Chapter 11 protection. Bishop Gerald F. Kicanas and Susan Boswell, the diocese’s lead lawyer […]

In case you missed a previous link, here’s a pdf file of the questions the seminary visitors will be using and asking of the institutions.

Historian David O’Brien has an article in Commonweal on Judge Roberts-related issues, namely Catholics in public life Now, here’s the thing. Most of the piece is a moderated sneer at those who would prioritize life issues. Once again, as it […]

You can hear Michael on Holy Spirit Radio in just a few minutes – 8:45 central and me on Ave Maria Radio today at noon central. More coming later this week.

Just got an email from a priest in Lincoln, NE, who said that Elaine Pagels spoke at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln to an audience of 2500 people. Well. And I was proud of my audiences of 500. I […]