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From the WSJ, "How Sony courted Christians" Studio executives figured that horror movie-loving teens would flock to the picture, which stars Tom Wilkinson as the priest who is put on trial for allegedly causing the girl’s death and Laura Linney […]

Strong piece in the most recent issue of First Things: Indeed, the administration’s mixed signals, alternately condemning and lauding the regime, have done little to rein in the Janjaweed marauders who keep the Darfur people from leaving fetid camps to […]

Terry Mattingly makes the case – in terms of the Journalist’s Rolodex, at least Still, you have to ask: Are journalists missing good stories and ignoring solid sources because they remain fixated on this fading evangelical alpha male? These days, […]

Today, of course. Here’s a history of the feast: This feast dates back to the 12th century. It was especially promoted by the Cistercians and the Servites, so much so that in the 14th and 15th centuries it was widely […]

Manuel Miranda, in the WSJ: The JFK question has no place in a Senate confirmation process. The Constitution says so. As I noted in an earlier column new secularist bigotry has found a home in the Senate Judiciary Committee. I […]

In The Tablet, John Cornwell sums up the debate Other critics such as Professor Michael Banner of King’s College, London, have warned of the scientific hubris which looks only at ends, rather than means: “It is the ethic of the […]

From the Tablet: Churches in Northern Ireland Mass was cancelled this week at Our Lady’s and the doors were bolted. I met Fr Paul Symonds, one of the parish priests (although after a number of attacks no priest lives in […]

The NYTimes on the seminary visitation, focusing, of course, on the homosexuality issue. The Rev. Donald B. Cozzens, a former seminary rector who set off a controversy five years ago when he published a book asserting that "the priesthood is […]