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January 1, 1970 Archives

Spot the error in the caption. Shouldn’t take long. Several other wire photos with slightly more accurate captions, of various Catholic Masses around the land – some on the Gulf coast, one for rescue workers in NO, another in memory […]

This time of their impeccable taste, go here, if you like to hear an episode of one of their radio shows in which I have a segment (it’s the August 27-28 show) and then here for this weekend’s show "Bookmarks" […]

Clayton Emmer has a blogpost on the news that the Podcaster at Verbum Domini, who provides a daily podcast of the lectionary readings, has been told by the USCCB, whichholds the copyrights on the New American Bible translation (used in […]

Michael is currently in FLA with friends and told me this morning on the phone that if I’d been with him at Mass, I’d have "things to blog about for weeks." Not what you think, either. They decided to go […]

Ratzinger reinforces traditional piety; ignores the poor After reciting the Marian prayer, before which he described the sign of the cross as a “fundamental gesture of Christian prayer”, Benedict XVI said that the Secretary of State Cardinal Angelo Sodano will […]

I keep hearing people talk in almost celebratory tones of the "New Orleans diaspora." Please make note of this bit of ettiquette: Homeless, jobless people are not comforted by your predictions that their tragic circumstances will one day be considered […]