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Is there a different, parallel universe of which I’m not aware? Does former NCR editor Arthur Jones live in it? It’s a fierce screed. In fact, if you were going to give an example of "screed" to the uninitiated, this […]

I had wondered about this – never have been there, so I’ve never seen the country south of New Orleans, but my impression, via the movies, is just of swampy almost-islands, ready to sink into the Gulf. So I have, […]

China decries Vatican invite China, which bans its Catholics from recognising the Pope, has turned down a Vatican invitation to four Chinese bishops to go to Rome, saying it showed no respect. Beijing has not had diplomatic ties with the […]

This blog is focused on a project to collate the experiences and lend support to those who attend WYD

…but good poetry this time. Please check out, from the Fellowship of St. Caedmon, a review of the marvelous poetry of David Athey, in his collection, "Hunting and Gathering Heaven." And don’t forget the poet(s?) at Lofted Nest, blogging poetically […]

Yes, we have ambulatory motion…

M.J. and his grandfather, my dad, in Washington D.C. in August. More photos at the click.

From a reader: Amy,  maybe you can pass this along… Many Catholic schools and parishes sell scrip/gift cards as fundraisers for their programs.  Because many local relief agencies are overwhelmed with bulky "stuff", however necessary, my parish is encouraging purchase […]

No, not mine. John Zmirak’s – described in a Godspy piece. If it does provoke a demonic possession scare, The Exorcism of Emily Rose (read my review here) would be following in the footsteps of Richard Donner’s The Omen, the […]

A must-read, as they say. Matt Labash from New Orleans. Horror. In the parking lot outside the hangar sits George Lainart, a police officer from Georgia, who has led a flotilla of nine airboats over land to try to pitch […]