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1. The Compendium of the Catechism – "late 2005" 2. Remember that BBC series "The Monastery?" People who saw it, raved – said it was respectful and even profound. Unfortunately, it was never shown on BBCAmerica – I wrote and […]

My second-oldest son is taking a poetry class from a somewhat famous American poet. Perhaps next year some time, after he graduates, and is on another continent,  I will relate what he has to say about him/her so far. It’s […]

Toomey endorses Santorum

Well, mostly. The Catholic distaste for evangelization plays a role, but a huge part is just simple demographics – What I’ve been saying in the wake of all of these parish closings – smaller Catholic families, migration to the south […]

Professor Bainbridge has an MOJ post as well as links to another column and blog post of his advocating for outsourcing relief… Related, a Chronicle of Higher Education article taking the historical view… no, not looking back to Galveston, but […]

This week’s edition is up and includes a request from a New Orleans priest: In the meantime, Nalty is working with the Willwoods Community, an affordable housing operation sponsored by the New Orleans archdiocese that owns 11 buildings and some […]

A Catholic researcher is doing a study and invites you to participate. He’s pleased with the  participation so far, and thanks you. He also would be gratified to have a few more Protestant responders. He adds: This evening, I will […]

There is, of course, an enormous amount of material we all could be reading about Hurrican Katrina and its aftermath, doubled this time because of the questions about government incompetence and even private sector procedures. Hard to pin any one […]

This film goes into wide release on Friday, and the reviews are mediocre. It’s based on a true story, of a German woman named Anneliese Michel, who died after attempted exorcisms, and the priests involved were put on trial for […]