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A blogger who’s been volunteering at the Astrodome Meeting evacuees at the George R. Brown Convention Center today are volunteers lined up with strollers. They give them to those needing them. Some of them pass out toys as well. In […]

Here’s an article from yesterday about Bishop Rodi of Biloxi: ”It has been a catastrophe,” Rodi said before running down the list of destroyed church buildings: St. Peter in Pascagoula, St. Michael at Point Cadet in Biloxi, St. Paul in […]

Here’s the Department of Defense Hurricane Relief Page – really useful to get a sense of what the military is doing.

Archbishop Hughes says that he still has yet to hear from 150 of his priests

Their relief drive includes both money and items…details for where to take them are in the article. …a few more notes about what’s being done: The Diocese of Lafayette: Total effort, divided among parishes, some accepting donations, many serving as […]

Victor Morton writes to highlight the following paragraph from an AP story: In the Houston area, clergy representing Catholic, Muslim, Jewish and Christian faiths gave sermons in the Astrodome and surrounding shelters. Thanks. Does the writer work for the Indy […]

….from a reader: Just thought you’d like to know: Our pastor announced today that he is looking into the possibility of our Maryland parish adopting one or two families that have been displaced by Katrina. I don’t know how it […]

I’ve been offline and off-television most of the day, so I really don’t know how the blame game is shaping up – things change so fast that the conventional wisdom yesterday is a tired-out meme today. When we discuss responsibility […]

Here’s a blog dedicated to in-kind giving to relief efforts. Lots of stuff there. Again, money is great, but there are actually many groups that are welcoming donations of appropriate items. Go check it out.

Had a bit of a Sunday break – Mass, run/walk, a couple of hours at Fox Island, one of our county parks – small lake and tiny beach, then yet another walk – yesterday, Joseph decided he wanted to come […]