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in NC got mobilized to send over $25,000 worth of stuff: Julie Hoffman said that since Thursday morning they had collected or purchased between $25,000 and $50,000 worth of goods by 2 p.m. Friday. Officials will collect supplies from 8 […]

It is a given that what most relief agencies want and need right now is money. Anyone who has ever worked in relief can tell you stories about the oddly inappropriate material donations they have received, and what a hassle […]

Dear Amy:  I was hoping that you might be able to help us spread the word that students who were enrolled at the private colleges affected by the hurricane are welcome here at BC (we will be waiving tuition for […]

A reader writes: I spoke with Marilyn at Catholic Social Services of the Archdiocese of Mobile.  She said that donations in kind are needed at Catholic Charities in Jackson, MS, because "in Mississippi, everyone headed north."  She said they need […]

The suggestions are coming in: I just emailed my chancery office and suggested that the empty rectories in our diocese be offered to displaced families in the South. We have one here in our town and it is furnished, sitting […]

Here: Much discussion on the B16-Fellay meeting, including an interview with SSPX #2 man Fr. Schmidberger, who laid out the problems: Then, Schmidberger said, "We have to have serious conversations about the Second Vatican Council." "There are many points we […]

To St. Vincent de Paul in Houston: (from the comments) I spoke with a woman at the Houston St. Vincent de Paul this morning, and she said its indeed okay to ship needed items in to them. She said as […]

Michael Leeden at NRO on New Orlean’s historic dance with death The combination of a rich culture of death with the looming threat of catastrophe is an intoxicating mélange for the spirit, and it no doubt explains why so many […]

A Catholic researcher is doing a study and would very much appreciate a few minutes of your time to help out: You are invited to participate in an online study examining Catholic and Protestant attitudes toward integrating religious faith and […]

…if you were in any way inspired by this blog to contribute to relief, The Truth Laid Bear wants you to log it here. (No, not just for this blog, but for the total blog-effort) By the way, the Diocese […]