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Following are links related to WYD-news. Mark this post as a favorite and return for WYD news from the ground:

The official WYD page

The schedule for the week

The Vatican WYD page

Vatican Radio coverage

EWTN Coverage Page

WYD official webcam at Marienfeld, the site of the closing ceremonies next Sunday

Drew Mariani will be broadcasting from WYD, starting on 8/15

A WYD site that seems to be sponsored by Regnum Christi.

A site providing updates, mainly from the music angle

A press pool, by and for freelancers

Juventutem – a sub-gathering of traditionalist Catholic youth

Domus Vitae:

The project is to create a "Center for Life" during World Youth Day (WDY) in Kohln (Germany) in August 2005.
At the very heart of the centre will to welcome the Wounded of Life and the needy: People with a handicap, young left out of society, single mothers or ex-addicts

World Youth Day Radio

Now, the Bloggers!

Brandon Evans of the Criterion, the paper of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis, has a weblog and regular articles he’s posting constantly.

Tim Drake, veteran Catholic journalist and author of Young and Catholic

A Canadian priest, Fr. Dowd

Fr. Todd Reitmeyer of the Diocese of Sioux Falls

St. Bonifatius, which so far, is very meaty and interesting:

I’ll be blogging as part of Bonifatius, a group of people travelling from the Diocese of Groningen in the Netherlands. On Thursday morning we travel to Dokkum (place of martyrdom of St. Boniface) and then on to Cologne on Monday afternoon.

Bonifatius’ WJDblog is to be found here. There are three (I think) people who have blogging rights, including me, and thus at least some of the entries will be in English 🙂

The Roamin’ Roman will be making her way there

An Italian blog on the site from the Paulines.

Confessions of a Recovering Choir Director – going to Juventutem, and WYD

Fr. Willy Raymond of the Family Theater is going in a party that includes Jim Caviezel. This will include both regular blogging and audio podcasts

Mark Butler will be blogging at Catholic Report

A Spanish site with reports from those attending with the NeoCatechumenal Way

Becky at Orthodoxy, Eh is on her way and plans to blog from Cologne

A seminarian named Jeff from St. Louis who is blogging and posting photographs

Various staffers of the Archdiocese of Vancouver youth ministery office blogging from Cologne

This is a good one: a WYD "virtual pilgrimage" in which a blogger who’s unable to go is taking time to study and explain various aspects of the event: the patron saints, the pilgrimage stops, the symbolism.

Ad Limina Apostolorum

Podcasts from the Catholic Insider – Fr. Roderick Vonhoegen

As usual…add your own.

FYI – here’s an explanation of the symbol’s various elements.

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