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A look at the fate of some closed RC churches in Buffalo, which is girding for another round – some disputes on how the diocese is handling things (surprise!)

Taking the local angle, there was a piece in yesterday’s Fort Wayne paper about the new use, not of a closed church, but of a closed Catholic school – which has been transformed into apartments for the elderly. (photos included) We go to this parish quite a bit (in fact, went there yesterday), and the pastor is one of the premier diocesan historians, very committed to preserving some sense of the historical import of the buildings – this former school, as noted, is one of the anchors of an attempted neighborhood revitalization which so far includes a newly refurbished (or perhaps totally new, I’m not sure) library branch, a Head Start center, and, they hope, some retail in the near future. That’s responsible stewardship and committment to community.

Another article on the forthcoming Buffalo restructuring, already described as "dramatic."

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