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In the Orlando diocese, a priest is dismissed for stealing 10,000 from the collection…

It was discovered the Rev. Marek Maczynski had taken the money from church donations, and church officials reported the missing money to the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office in early August, Brinati said.

Bishop Thomas Wenski at the chancery office in Orlando didn’t pursue litigation against Maczynski after Maczynski returned the money and issued a letter of apology to the diocese, church leaders and parishioners, Brinati said.

"When the information was first turned over to law enforcement, there was the expectation that there could be prosecution," Brinati said. "Because Father Marek did return all the money, because he was remorseful through this . . . the bishop decided not to prosecute. But he did remove him from his priestly duties."

Maczynski could not be reached for comment Monday. He had served at Holy Name of Jesus for almost a year.

The fellow was ordained in 2004…

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