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Very nice words from a reader in Pittsburgh:

I completed your book, Here. Now., earlier this week and I feel compelled to pass along my immeasurable gratitude to you for putting this terrific piece of work together.  This is by far the best book I have read in a long time – not only because of your familiar easy-flowing style, but because of the inspiration and motivation that exudes from the pages of the book (and directly from your heart, I imagine).
If the 60 million United States Catholics (60 million seems to be the most popular number cited, although personally I have trouble counting the 60-70% of that 60 million who can’t seem to make the effort to attend weekly mass as Catholics) had the perspective on the Catholic faith expressed in this book, our Church and country would be in a far better situation than we are today.
God has blessed you with a wonderful gift of words – words that will undoubtedly inspire Catholics and other Christians for a long, long time.  Thank you for making the most out of His gift.
Your book has and will continue to make me and my family better Catholics – thank you for that gift.  And thank you for not holding any punches and for speaking the truth of our faith.
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