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..about the propriety, etc. of posting and discussing the Monsignor Clark situation. Long-time readers could probably write my answer for me. This is a newsy-kind of blog, I guard comments very, very carefully, etc.

But as I was perusing my referral log tonight, I noticed something – I’m getting at least one hit a minute (and that’s today, on a weekend, when hits are usually about half what they are on a weekday) from someone searching for information on that situation – entering "Laura DeFlippo" or "priest in affair with secretary" or something like that.

And do you know what? If their search brings them to this blog, where they can find the situation – in which they’re already interested – discussed in a (mostly) rational, (hopefully) fair way that’s in the context of Catholics (mostly) conversing about sin, repentance, leadership and, ultimately, hope and faith in Christ…

…that’s a good thing. Teachable moments, I always say. Teachable moments. Do what we can.

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