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Nun protests filming of DVC at Lincoln Cathedral

Sister Mary, robed in brown habit and blue veil, told The Times that the central thesis of the book was drawn from an old gnostic heresy that she first became aware of 50 years ago, when she was 11. She admitted that she had not read the book but said that she had read enough about it to understand its central errors.

She accused Lincoln Cathedral of the sin of simony, conducting financial transactions involving spiritual goods.

“The Church should not be accepting money for something that is not a true story,” she said. “There is something wrong. They really should be praying more, and then the money would come in. I do not believe the film will be successful. The essence of what I believe is that I received the true body and blood of our Lord at Mass this morning. That is the true bloodline.

“To a believer, any believer, what is happening is blasphemous. It is an offence against God. I am not going to bash anyone over the head with a Bible, I am just trying to make reparation to God.”

She said that many other Catholics in the city opposed the book but conceded that the protest had been small. “It takes a bit of courage to do this. Most people have decided to pray at home.” The scenes in Lincoln are expected to take five days to complete.

By the way, the Lincoln Cathedral is an Anglican cathedral. Westminster was asked to host the shoot, but refused.

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