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I read the article on Joel Osteen in the current issue of Texas Monthly, and while it was worth reading because it was very thorough and fair, it still left me peeved, in a general sort of way, and the category of Protestants, whether they be certain evangelicals or certain Pentecostals or whatever, who diss RC’s because you know, we’ve created all of these human traditions and we have priests who are like mediators between God and humanity, and you know, real, Bible-based Christianity doesn’t need all of that, and in fact, can’t have it.

So tell me that after you’re honest about the reactions, uncorrected and unremarked upon, of so many people to folks like Joel Osteen, people who will line up for hours to get his autograph, will ask for him to touch their children and ask for his blessing because the Lord works so powerfully through him.

Yeah. Tell me.

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