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Some highlights from what I’ve seen:

12 young people lunch with the Pope. They were given vegetarian omelets. He was given trout. He sent the trout back and insisted on having what the young people were eating.

Jamie from Ad Limina continues with his engaging accounts of adventures in Cologne: trying to find the tombs of Duns Scotus and Albertus Magnus, and the session with the Pope and the seminarians (he is neither, but managed to get it, anyway).

Jeff Geerling was also at the seminarian’s gathering, briefly reports, and has photos.

Brandon Evans posts live from Marienfeld and has photos as well.

Father Dowd’s got brief posts and audioblogs, including the most recent one, giving a brief account of the Stations last night.

Flying the flag: Ann Rogers of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette had been the only reporter I’d seen to mention that American pilgrims had been warned to be low-key about flying the American flag. Today, she reports that the Pittsburgh crew has defied the warning:

But all week they had seen thousands of people from lands as diverse as Tahiti and Sweden proudly displaying their national colors. They had spotted a few American groups also flying large flags, with no apparent ill effects.

In a gift shop that carried flags from many nations, chaperone Zack Rosser, 22, purchased a large flag on a long pole to carry before them. And Lauren Witter, 17, of Dormont, bought an even larger flag that she literally wrapped herself in.

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